What is the aim of Open Cinema?

Each week participants watch the best in classic and contemporary cinema and work with professional filmmakers to create films of their own.

Open Cinema is unique in providing participants the chance to programme films they would like to see, meet the professional filmmakers that inspire them, and make films based on their own ideas and experiences.

The Open Cinema philosophy is that people excluded from society need the benefits of culture as much as information and food. We take film to people at the margins, and bring them and their aspirations to the centre of cultural life. Entertainment and culture are another kind of nourishment, and have been shown by research to measurably contribute to the mental health and wellbeing of socially marginalised people.

"Our ethos is to de-label people. People who feel excluded are included, people at the margins are brought to the centre of cultural life and become part of a community that supports each other."

− Dan Saunders, Open Cinema Belfast